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Application & Services


FORSAT consortium offers the following professional services:

  • Sale of FORSAT full licenses or partial licenses.
  • Extraction of 3D geometric information and automatic change detection from HR (high resolution) and VHR (very-high resolution) imagery from satellite optical sensors.
  • The first unit that is dedicated to the geometric and radiometric processing of satellite optical imagery and 2D/3D information extraction, like: image radiometric pre-processing, image and ground point measurement, improvement of geometric sensor orientation, quasi-epipolar image derivation for 3D stereo measurements; digital Surface Models (DSMs) extraction by using a precise and robust image matching approach specially designed for HR/VHR satellite imagery; generation of orthoimages; 3D information measurement in single images using mono-plotting and in stereo images. FORSAT supports most of the HR and VHR optically imagery commonly used for civil applications: IKONOS, OrbView – 3, SPOT – 5 HRS, SPOT – 5 HRG, QuickBird, GeoEye-1, WorldView-1/2, Pléiades 1A/1B, and sensors of similar type to be expected in the future.
  • The second unit of FORSAT which is dedicated to 3D surface comparison for change detection. The sub-modules allow users to import Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), align them using advanced 3D surface matching approach and calculate the 3D differences and volume changes between two epochs.
  • Can be considered a single source and flexible forest information solution with a very competitive price/quality ratio, allowing expert and non-expert remote sensing users to monitor forests in three and four dimensions from HR and VHR optical imagery for many forest information needs, which do not require centimeter accuracy.
  • Software support;
  • Data processing. The consortium has the competency to acquire satellite images based on the clients’ needs, process them to extract 3D information and perform 3D change analysis.  
  • Consultancy in remote sensing, photogrammetry, geo-informatics and web-based geospatial applications.

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